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Band Spotlight #11: Maldroid

July 9, 2009

Maldroid is a band born in reverse.

Tired of the junk videos played on MTV, lead singer Ryan Divine took to making his own. The videos and songs caught on, and before they had even played a live show, the dapper-dressed Maldroid appeared on Good Morning
America to accept their YouTube/Cingular Underground “Best Video” award.

In true reversal style, Maldroid then set out making live shows as entertaining as the videos they created. A solid year of touring and playing brought them to where they are now: a complete package. An unendingly entertaining, Kinks-inspired live set compliments the stunning, Gondry-inspired videos, which compliment the sonically amazing records that
can be summed up in one word: “AC/DEVO.” The best part? It’s all DIY – the recording, the videos, even the band’s management all stay far away from the crashing-andburning music industry. Charting a new DIY path never sounded, or looked, so good.

Maldroid has shared the stage with the musical talent of Modest Mouse, The Lovemakers, Jimmy Eat World, Reel Big Fish, Spoon, Paramore, Scissors For Lefty, Jet Lag Gemini, Audrye Sessions, The Matches, International Noise Conspiracy and more.

“Oakland Lads Club” (EP September 2007)
“Nevermind” (January 2008)
“ Maldroid” (April 2008)

Band members:
Ryan Divin (Vocals)
Johnny Genius (Guitar)
Todd Godley (guitar)
Sean “The Talented Mr.” Shippley (bass)
Prince J (Keys and Samples)
AJ Riot (Keytar and Synths)

Hometown: Oakland, CA