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Art at every turn

August 2, 2009

The Best of the East Bay Party is an unconventional festival in every way, and the signage is no exception. You’ll find handmade signs courtesy of the Express‘s ace design team, throughout the halls and courtyards of the museum, directing you to the various activities.

And for our East Bay Express and Amoeba Music sign hanging over the main stage, we’ve tapped El Cerrito-based Made for Glory Signs for the job of hand designing and painting our largest and most prominent sign. Sure, we could have dug out one of our company’s preprinted vinyl banners from storage, but where’s the fun in that? What we loved about the guys at Made For Glory Signs is their dedication to continuing the traditional craft of sign making. The two-man independent operation does “100% Hand Painted Custom Work”.

Take a closer look at some of their work at the party; they’ll be showing it off in the Gear Head Garage. And for all you business owners reading this post – why buy signs out of a catalog that are massed produced, probably not locally made, and unoriginal? These guys are on to something…