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Photos and Video of the Live Graffiti Art at the Party

August 12, 2009

Montana Cans

Dick Blick Art, Montana Cans and East Bay Express hosted a great mix of Bay Area old school graffiti legends and up and coming talent!

Estria Miyashiro, Max Ehrman Eon 75, Jared Roses, and Mel Waters all came through and hit up giant 4-sided canvas “cubes” with their own unique styles.

At the Montana Gold table, party people could stop by and drop their name in our Montana “guestbooks” using Montana Hardcore markers and Sharpies.

Click here to view the photos!

Amoeba Music’s BillyJam Reviews the Party

August 12, 2009

We think he most eloquently sums up the night by saying:

“As Goapele sang and poured her heart and soul into her music, and the crowd no doubt ruminated on how wonderful it was to have such a positive event happening in Oakland — a city so long mired in a negative light — I glanced out at the sea of happy faces of all races, ages, and orientations enraptured by the Oakland born-and-bred artist and I thought, Damn, it’s so good to be here in Oakland, California and to be a part of this memorable event! Only twelve months until Best of the East Bay 2010!”

Read his full article, view video and photos here.

East Bay Express’s Slideshow of the Party

August 12, 2009

Set to music by some of the Main Stage bands!

Stay tuned to this blog; there is more coming!

Express Photographer’s Favorite Shots from the Party

August 11, 2009

Click here to see Stephen Loewinsohn’s photos from the party. Stay tuned, more will be posted to this blog soon, including videos shot of the main stage by and

Photos by “AmeobaSF”

August 10, 2009


Mosh pit recorded by “roseman” during Fracas

August 10, 2009

Click here.

Video of the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir by “HipHopSlam”

August 10, 2009

Videos of Souls of Mischief by “waheedpix”

August 10, 2009

Video by “HipHopSlam” of the Graffiti Art Area

August 9, 2009

Leather Art at the Party!

August 6, 2009

Ascension of John Long_Photos by Jesse Cantley for webCastro Valley artist Philip Long will be showing a wide variety of work in the Gear Head Garage.

Paintings, photography, neon and of course leather mosaics, sculptures and garments. Check out more of his diverse collection of works here.

Also, check out his YouTube videos here and here.

Castro Valley Chrysler Newport