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August 10, 2009



Band Spotlight #22: Goapele

August 5, 2009

Best of the East Bay Party main stage performer, Goapele, is featured on the cover of this week’s East Bay Express. We are thrilled to have her gracing our stage this year!


Visit the Amoeba Music Annex Booth!

July 31, 2009

Conveniently located next to the Amoeba Music Main Stage, you’ll find live silk-screening demonstrations and shirts for sale by the ultra-cool and eco-friendly guys at Free Gold Watch. We’ll also have cult film and band t-shirts, buttons by James Dillon’s B&B Buttons (3 for $5!), Buddha Machines, and other killer stuff for sale.

Don’t forget to also visit the Amoeba Music/East Bay Express booth at the entrance of the party to enter to win prizes such as $100 Amoeba gift certificates, Guitar Hero game kits, t-shirts, local restaurant certificates, Bay Area event tickets, movie passes, and more!

Expand Your Universe at the Chabot Space and Science Center’s Kids’ Party Zone!

July 31, 2009

Chabot Space & Science Center is throwing an out-of-this-world party for ages 10 and under at the Best of the East Bay Party. Youngster rock bands, games, art projects, and hands-on activities await. And the museum staff will have the kid’s (and adult’s) scary, yet thrilling, Bat Cave open for the night.

Check out some of the other fun activities the Chabot Space & Science Center has planned from 5pm – 9pm in the museum’s Natural Science Center.


  • Astronaut Diaper Chemistry – Learn how astronauts are able to extend their space walks by wearing specialty diapers. Learn what they’re made of and the magic of the super absorbent polymer inside.
  • Air Compressor Rockets – Make your own rocket and blast off to one of the planets in our solar system. The better the rocket, the farther it does.
  • Spacesuit – discover the complexities and hazards of working in space by examining the numerous components of a spacesuit.

Astronaut Training – Simulate the effects of zero gravity on balance and coordination through a series of challenges:

  • Black Hole Toss
  • Space Toilet
  • Vestibular Boards
  • Chabot_logo_black

Band Spotlight #20: Dizzy Balloon

July 30, 2009

Dizzy Balloon is five childhood friends bound by a passion for songwriting. The band’s vision-quest to write the perfect pop song – one that makes you drop everything and go “whoa” – brought the group attention and distinction at a young age. As high school juniors, then performing under the name “Panda”, the band regularly sold out Bottom of the Hill, a legendary breeding ground for San Francisco Bay Area talent. They brought a new energy to classic pop, a vibe audiences still can’t get enough of.

Now college-aged and armed with a new album of smart, buzzing pop, the five-piece is ready to pull you into their quest. You will turn. You will listen. These guys always make their live show as memorable and exciting as possible.

“Dizzy Ballon S/T” EP (2008)

Band Members: Petros A.P. (Vocals/Guitar), Jonny Flannes (Guitar/Vocals), Joey Orton (Piano/Vocals), Louie Diller (Drums/Vocals), Raphael Peterson (Bass/Vocals)

Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Visit the Amoeba Music booth to shop for custom Tshirts silkscreened during the party!

July 30, 2009

Free……it don’t cost nothin’
Gold…..not silver or bronze
Watch….do you have the time?

Custom tee shirt printing and design for all of your corporate thugging needs and we do band shirts. Whether you need 1 or 100….we got you covered. Located right behind Amoeba Music in San Francisco. Call for YOUR tee shirt appraisal….415-876-GIGG.

Video slideshow of the 2008 party

July 21, 2009

Music by Dyloot

“There’s a fine line between erotic and neurotic… I walk that line.” – Odessa Lil

July 15, 2009

Mistress of Ceremonies Odessa Lil is just your average turn-of-the-century wondering domme. Ever since she ran SpeakEasily, the first-ever weekly neo-burlesque show in Oakland back in 2004, Odessa Lil has been whipping

Mistress of Ceremonies Odessa Lil : Photo by Dan Eldridge

Mistress of Ceremonies Odessa Lil : Photo by Dan Eldridge

audiences into shape at shows like Bombshell Betty’s Burlesqueteers, Barbary Coast Burlesque, and the Hubba Hubba Revue, not to mention film openings, rock shows, and private parties.

One of the few female MCs in a scene dominated by men, Odessa Lil spelunks fresh comic territory with an olde-timey flair. Did we just say “spelunks”? Odessa Lil is available to those hiring for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, funerals, divorce proceedings, difficult labors, home foreclosures, and séances.

She will be introducing bands on the Amoeba Music Main Stage after dark.

Band Spotlight #12: DJ Platurn

July 10, 2009

Man, who the hell isn’t a DJ in the Bay Area these days? Every other person you bump into is on the tip. Just being a DJ isn’t good enough anymore. It has to be, “I’m an intelligent down tempo booty rock electro-clash mash-up glitch-IDM DJ. Oh, and I also play Duran Duran.”

When was it decided that any clown with 10 records (or 1000 MP3s and Serato) is a DJ, and when was it decided that just being a good old-fashioned Hip-Hop DJ is passé?

PlaturnDJ Platurn is way beyond all of that. He’s a real deal hip-hop DJ who rocks the party the original way: nothing but top-notch track selection and skills to back it up. Give the man two turntables and a mixer and stand back because you’re going to witness some classic DJing.

He’ll not only serve the crowd what they’re hungry for, he’ll keep ’em dancing with all kinds of tunes they didn’t even know they wanted to hear. Cutting up breakbeats, doing blends live and on the fly, scratching, mixing …the guy’s got the full skill set to be a fully-rounded DJ, and he’s good at everything. Not only is that increasingly rare in today’s “instant DJ – just add water!” world, it’s a strong and important tie to the Hip-Hop tradition Platurn comes from: In order to get on and really do a good job as a DJ, you have to be well-rounded.

Being a good and well-rounded DJ also means being a top-notch selector. Platurn ain’t fakin’ the funk when it comes to his record collection and what he plays for the crowd. Well-known cuts, obscurities, remixes, hip-hop, funk, rock, disco, soul, electro and pop all expertly woven together. You want B-boy breaks? He’s got you covered. Slow jams? Awwww yeeeeaaaah. Do you want Old-School hip-hop? Break out the Gazelles, fool! Wherever the party needs to go, he is prepared to take it there.

Word certainly spreads quickly; besides having been voted Oakland’s best DJ by the East Bay Express and winning Scions’ Free Up Your Mix competition along with fellow Oakland Fader DJ Spair, Platurn has devastated crowds from coast to coast and internationally. In doing so, he’s shared the stage with folks like Z-Trip, Krs-One, Mixmaster Mike, The Beat Junkies, DJ Premier, Slick Rick, Maseo (De La Soul), ZionI, Jazzy Jay, Quest-Love(The Roots), M.F. Doom, A-Trak, Afrika Bambaata, Pete Rock, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and a whole bunch more. Not too bad for that tall skinny white boy from Iceland.

DJ Platurn will be welcoming guests to the party on the Amoeba Music Entrance Stage.

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Band Spotlight #11: Maldroid

July 9, 2009

Maldroid is a band born in reverse.

Tired of the junk videos played on MTV, lead singer Ryan Divine took to making his own. The videos and songs caught on, and before they had even played a live show, the dapper-dressed Maldroid appeared on Good Morning
America to accept their YouTube/Cingular Underground “Best Video” award.

In true reversal style, Maldroid then set out making live shows as entertaining as the videos they created. A solid year of touring and playing brought them to where they are now: a complete package. An unendingly entertaining, Kinks-inspired live set compliments the stunning, Gondry-inspired videos, which compliment the sonically amazing records that
can be summed up in one word: “AC/DEVO.” The best part? It’s all DIY – the recording, the videos, even the band’s management all stay far away from the crashing-andburning music industry. Charting a new DIY path never sounded, or looked, so good.

Maldroid has shared the stage with the musical talent of Modest Mouse, The Lovemakers, Jimmy Eat World, Reel Big Fish, Spoon, Paramore, Scissors For Lefty, Jet Lag Gemini, Audrye Sessions, The Matches, International Noise Conspiracy and more.

“Oakland Lads Club” (EP September 2007)
“Nevermind” (January 2008)
“ Maldroid” (April 2008)

Band members:
Ryan Divin (Vocals)
Johnny Genius (Guitar)
Todd Godley (guitar)
Sean “The Talented Mr.” Shippley (bass)
Prince J (Keys and Samples)
AJ Riot (Keytar and Synths)

Hometown: Oakland, CA