More Party Buzz…

“My hat is off, as are my glasses and all other accessories — that was the best party I’ve seen in Oakland since… hell, ever.”
– Kevin Seal, Executive Producer,

“SO inspiring to see something like this come off smoothly and to see everyone enjoying themselves so much.  The people watching was as-good-as-it-gets!  So much great music, art, food and creative stuff! East Bay R-U-L-E-S!!!!!!”
– Marc Weinstein, Owner, Amoeba Music

“…the East Bay Express, each year, stages this one event that brings the East Bay Music scene <of all genres< together for the best summer outdoor party that draws audiences from all backgrounds. It makes you proud that you are from this area and a part of this close-knit community!”
– Larry Trujillo, The Uptown Nightclub, Oakland

“The East Bay Express throws the best community parties I’ve ever seen.  Two years in a row, the Best of the East Bay party has blown me away, with thousands of people eating, drinking, dancing and observing crazy performances that can only be found in the Bay Area. It’s so much fun to see the diversity of the East Bay community represented in both the guests and the performers, and to see families, college students, adults, all celebrating together on a warm summer night in Oakland. It’s like a midwest county fair meets Coachella meets a burlesque show.”
– Erin Kilmer-Neel, Program Officer, OneCalifornia Foundation (this year’s nonprofit recipient)

One Response to “More Party Buzz…”

  1. Jeff Says:

    The August party was sensational, I agree. Both the live and DJ sets were great (I really liked the complimentary CD, too.)

    No complaints about the party, but…EBExpress needs to do something about removing outdated listings from its printed Events calendar. There are so events on it that have ceased months ago, and venues that are no longer open. It makes me want to ignore the listings entirely.

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