ATMs to the rescue

Sure, it’s a free event, but there’s an amazing selection of great food, incredible shopping, and of course, beverages to be purchased if you’re so inclined.

For your convenience, we’ve ordered some extra ATM machines for the event, attended throughout the night by some beefy guards (yum!). Many of the vendors are operating cash only booths at the event, so come prepared.

We’d like to thank the EZ ATM company for their help. EZ ATM provides ATM sales, ATM processing, FREE ATM placement, Mobile ATM’s, Hotel ATM’s, and 24-Hour tech support. EZ ATM is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but also services clients across the United States and Mexico. Yep, we’re keepin’ it local.


2 Responses to “ATMs to the rescue”

  1. Mike Says:

    First off, HUGE kudos for this awesome event. Thank you!! However, you may want to tack a note onto this entry alerting people to make sure they are using a legitimate ATM and how to tell. I only say this because of the emphasis the blog is putting on the ATMs and the rash of fraudulent ATMs that have been popping up everywhere. Just a suggestion.

  2. eastbayexpress Says:

    Noted, thanks for the feedback. We’ll have our 3-4 ATMs at the event marked with signs that look like all the other event signage. Hopefully that’ll help make it clear.

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