DAI Style Lounge and Fashion Show

Over 60 local designers, artists and innovators will be at the Best of the East Bay Party to knock your socks off (and then sell you new socks) in true Bay Area style. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure the museum ATM is fully loaded. In the meantime you savvy chic shoppers you, check out their websites to figure out which booths you want to visit.

Andrea Wysocki Jewelry – www.andreawysocki.com

Arts Anvil – www.judybrandonjewelry.com

Ashes and Empires – www.ashesandempires.com

Avery Jasper – www.averyjasper.com

Ayurvastram – http://store.ayurvastram.com

BlueLotusArts – bluelotusarts1@yahoo.com

Bridgland Studios – www.bridglandstudios.com

Candy Boutique – www.candyboutique.net

Chrystie Cappelli – missingpiece-sf.com

Class Attire – www.TheChalkboardTee.com

Cookie Lee Jewelry – RoxanneSeliger@gmail.com

Denise’s Pieces – www.nisespieces.com

Enzo Milano – www.enzomilano.com

Estilo Clothing Co – www.estiloclothing.com

Flea Market Girl – fleamarketgirl.com

Funky & Fabulous – www.funkyandfabulous.com

Gold Dust Studio – www.goldduststudio.com

Gravitea – www.drinkgravitea.com

Heart’s Desire Jewelry – www.heartsdesirejewelry.com

Helena de Natalio – www.helenadenatalio.com

Hipstirr – www.hipstirrbelts.com

Josie Adele – www.josieadele.com

Judy Aurora – www.judyaurora.com

K. Antoinette Collection – kantoinette.etsy.com

King Bag Company – www.kingbagcompany.com

K’ren’s Interior and Designs – www.quiltsforsalebyk-ren.com

Label King – www.unifiedpeople.com

Lapin Vilardi Travel Accessories – www.lapinvilardi.com

Mama’s Little Babies – http://mamaslittlebabies.com

Mangosteen Jewelry – www.mangosteenoakland.com

MayMe – www.maymeonline.com

Medium Reality –  http://mediumreality.com

Miss Bombshell Vintage Reproductions – laura_benitez@hotmail.com

Mobile Spinach – www.mobilespinach.com

Mod Clothing – www.Picasaweb/mod411.com

Nodeform – www.nodeform.com

NoFu – www.nofu.com

Nopal – www.nopalapparel.com

Oaklandish – http://www.oaklandish.com

O’Lover Hats – www.oloverhats.com

Om Records – www.om-records.com

Princess Punk – www.princess-punk.com

Raphaela Robinson – raphirobinson@yahoo.com

Rebecca Ciccio – http://rebeccaciccio.com/

Revelation by ME – www.revelationbyme.com

San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology – www.sfiec.edu

Sarah Swell Jewelry – http://sarahswell.com/

Sazzy Boutique – www.sazzyboutique.com

Sefirah Fierce Designs – www.sefirahfiercedesigns.com

Selma Karaca – www.selmakaraca.com

Sikara & Co. – www.sikarajewelry.com

Sita Rupe – sitarupe.com

Sourdough – http://www.sourdoughsf.com/

Stella and Dot – www.stelladot.com/sabina

Teruo Artistry – www.teruo.com

The Baddest Bag ™ – www.thebaddestbag.com

Versa Jewelry –  http://www.versajewelry.com

Victrend – www.victrend.com

VIVO – www.vivo-imports.com

W.Ho Made It – www.whomadeit.etsy.com

Wild Cow Designs – www.dyanegoldman.com

Yellowfield Hats – yellowfield7@yahoo.com

DAI Style Lounge is also hosting a Fashion Show in the 2nd floor museum Restaurant, right next to the vendor area. DJs and stylists will keep you feeling and looking great all night long.


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3 Responses to “DAI Style Lounge and Fashion Show”

  1. Ormond Otvos Says:

    What’s the point of listing URLs and not making them clickable? If I were a merchant I’d wonder about your Web savvy. Where’s the clickable Google Map? Where’s the instructions from BART. (It is downtown Oakland at night, hmmmm.)

  2. eastbayexpress Says:

    Hi Ormand,

    Thanks for the comments. Indeed, the 62 DAI Style Lounge vendors listed do not *yet* have hyperlinks. I posted that list very late last night and intend to go back and add the links today when I have more time.

    Regarding the maps and BART instructions, you can find that info if you keep scrolling down on the blog. But, fair enough, I’ll repost that info again today (and multiple times between now and the party date) to make it easy.


  3. eastbayexpress Says:

    Oh, and regarding the late night in Oakland comment. I am sensing some concern about safety. If that’s what you meant, I realize everyone has varying levels of what they consider safe. But I walk the streets late nights in Oakland often, following common-sense safety precautions, and am never worried.

    The event is just one short block from the Lake Merritt BART station. If you are walking from BART, you’ll be along side Laney College and then right at the Museum/party entrance. There will be thousands of people attending the party and in the general area. There shouldn’t be any concern about safety (any more than any other city, USA). I hope that eases any concerns you may have.

    Thanks again, and don’t hesitate to contact us at the East Bay Express (or post a comment) if there are more questions or concerns.

    Jody Colley

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