The Art of Town Culture by Youth UpRising

Town Culture tells a story about where we’ve been and where we’re going. This is where we are.

It showcases a breadth and depth of youth talent that will amaze you with its range including classical, rock, hip hop, jazz, R&B performances; spoken word, poetry, and performance art; graphic design, video, photography and multimedia that peels away the layers to expose the truth. The best people to tell these stories are the young people who live them. Once given the tools and guidance – a computer, a turn-table, a keyboard – they will captivate you with their talent.

Poets: Yung16, D-Real

Hip Hop: Bizzy

R&B: Bart

Spoken Word & Rap: D-Real & Yung16

Keyboard: Jallah, Clarence

DJ: Ivan

Youth UpRising is a not-for-profit organization, seeded and supported by Alameda County and the City of Oakland. Youth UpRising is housed in a 25,000 sq. ft. state of the art building and offers a wide range of programs and services that develop youth leadership in order to transform the community. Youth UpRising grew out of the needs articulated by Oakland youth in 1997 after racial tension at Castlemont High School erupted into violence. This first group of young people identified poor educational resources, too few employment opportunities, the absence of positive things to do, and lack of community and personal safety as the root causes of the problems facing youth.

In response, Alameda County authorized the conversion of a vacant County property and provided staffing to bring together youth, community providers, the City of Oakland and Oakland Unified School District officials to make the vision a reality. Alameda County and the City of Oakland also provided core program and capital funding for Youth Uprising.


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