Dance and Rhythm of India

Dance Images

Photo by Kym Cortigiano

The Express is excited to bring young talent to the stage at the Best of the East Bay Party. When touring the newly expanded Kala Art Institute on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley, we were struck by the powerful photos of these young dancers, and knew instantly they had to be a part of this year’s event.

Dance and Rhythm of India, Artistic Director Purnima Jha
Presenting North Indian classical dance Kathak (Rhythm Stories)

Kala Art Institute’s mission is to help artists sustain their creative efforts over time through its Artists in Residence and Fellowship Programs, and to increase appreciation of this work through exhibitions, public programming and educational efforts.


Photo by Kym Cortigiano

Founded in 1974 by Archana Horsting and Yuzo Nakano as an international workshop and forum for ideas, Kala Art Institute provides a meeting place for artists from around the world who are offered the gift of time and space to further develop their unique visions and to collaborate with one another.

Facilitated by Kala’s Artists-in-Schools Program, many of these talented artists are also invited to share their skills and expertise with K-12 students throughout Alameda County. Since 1993 the Artists-in-Schools Program has provided public school students the opportunity to work with professional artists on a variety of visual and performing arts projects. Instruction in animation, printmaking, book arts, digital media, ceramics and mural painting are among the techniques offered in the visual arts. Performing arts instruction includes drumming, dance, theatre and storytelling.

Kala currently conducts Artists-in-Schools programs in Emeryville, Berkeley and Oakland public schools, in addition to summer camps. Each year more than 2,200 young people are served by the program.

From the group:

Purnima Jha, Artistic Director, Dance and Rhythm of India

Archana Horsting, Executive Director, Kala Art Institute

Brian Wallace, Musician

Gwen Anjali Harper, Dancer

Chyna Kane-Ross , Dancer

Nabu Judah, Dancer

Amy Keefer, Assistant/Videographer

Kym Cortigiano, Photographer

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