Artists from The Illuminated Corridor collaborate with the East Bay Express to create a fantastic art immersion experience during the party

Artists from the East Bay’s live cinema, experimental music, interactive media and unpredictable orchestra subcultures will be in attendance, roaming, hiding, revealing, and lighting up the Oakland Museum of California’s béton brut.

The Illuminated Corridor is a next step in outdoor cinema: A nomadic public art project that creates site-specific illumination of public space, drawing on local traditions of film and live music.

Working with unlikely natural and built spaces, The Illuminated Corridor has convened seven times since the Summer of 2005, catalyzing site-specific work, showcasing diverse collaborations between performative projectionists and musicians, and covering a vast territory of film and music genres.

The following artists from The Illuminated Corridor will be undertaking a light-art project exclusively for the Best East Bay Party capitalizing on the beautiful architecture and grounds of the museum:

Alfonso Alvarez
live cinema from 
multiple 16mm projectors.

Big City Orchestra edjumication films with
 noise you can dance to 
for thirty years.

Myles Boisen and Becky Jaffe mylar photography 
interactive portrait installation.

Citta di Vitti antonioni films with the old sound off and the new sound on.

Sean Clute nomadic live video.

Andrew Juris ‹the invisible defined›
 an interactive video installation 
driven by audience inquiry.

Killer Banshee heating a petri dish of 
subcultures with a blow torch.

Kadet Kuhne ‹holding pattern i: synaptic›
an interactive video installatio
n about conditioned and 
reactionary states of being.

VJ Luna lush visual music.

David Slusser ‹pick up soundtrack, please.›
Live audio collage of music 
and soundscape drawn
 from visual environment.

Damon Smith lofi video freestyle bmx double bass.

David van Brink Arabic alphabets.

With reels from the great wall of Oakland town park with sound you can listen to in realtime.

Plus the usual unexpected things.

For more information, click here.


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