MC Jonathan Mann, Performing and Hosting in the Museum Lecture Hall

Berkeley resident Jonathan Mann is a songwriter and online video ninja. Tirelessly creative and hopelessly prolific, he has appeared in the Huffington Post, on the NYTimes blog “Freakonomics” and on The Rachel Maddow show. He can be found performing around the Bay Area with his band “Jonathan Mann and the Rock Cookie Bottoms”.

He writes a song a day and posts them (along with an accompanying video) to his website:

No stranger to the Express, Jonathan has co-hosted our RPM Challenge music event, regularly contributes video content for our website, and previous to all that, he has won accolades from the East Bay Express for his impressive entries in two of our digital film competitions.

The first film competition was held during election season when the Express threw down a Sarah Palin songwriting contest.

The second competition, called Generica, challenged filmmakers to imagine what the world would be like if a corporation ran the country and didn’t allow the consumption of any food, media, products, pharmaceuticals, etc., that weren’t controlled by the corporation – and they only had a few days to write, shoot and edit the short films. They were given bizarre props and lines from the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” which they had to work into the script. Jonathan’s film, “Bottom Line”, took first place in the competition.


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