Band Spotlights #15-#16: BandWorks Bands!

Kids rock. And these kids rock the hardest.

Chabot Space & Science Center‘s Kid Zone features rock bands Rikoche and The Sasha Lopez Band, both courtesy of BandWorks School of Rock. (By the way, the school happens to be across the street from the new Express digs, which we’re stoked about.)



Rikoche is an up and coming teen band out of the East Bay, members hail from Berkeley, Orinda, Piedmont and Oakland. The band was conceived and continues to rehearse with the East Bay BandWorks program. In fact they have become one of BandWorks top representative groups and the latest stars of the program.

Despite only playing together for a few years, their talent and taste have helped them put a new and flavorful spin on classic rock. Their original sound and exciting stage presence has helped them develop a devoted following and led to more offers to play live.

Rikoche has already played at a handful of Bay Area venues and events including the Solano Stroll, the East Bay Express Best of the Bay Party, San Ramon’s Art and Wind Festival, Chabot Space & Science Center, Larkspur Landing, Rooster’s Roadhouse in Alameda and most recently at San Franciscos DNA Lounge in their Battle of the Bands contest. While they continue to write new music they recorded there first studio demo this summer and are planning a CD debut party this Fall.

Band Members: Miles Essert – guitar and vocals, Sam North – guitar and vocals, Matthew Barber – vocals, Max Hirtz Wolf – bass, Leo Grossman – drums and vocals

Hometowns: Berkeley, Orinda, Piedmont and Oakland

The Sasha Lopez Band

The Sasha Lopez Band

The Sasha Lopez Band specializes in rock and soul cover tunes. They hail from Hayward, Orinda and Berkeley and range in age from 13 to 16. Having only played together a year they have a great future ahead of them.

Lauren Bradford – vocals, Wyatt Pettyjohn – guitar and vocals, TJ Barber -guitar and vocals, Calvin Wright – bass, Sasha Lopez – drums and vocals

Hometowns: Hayward, Orinda and Berkeley


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