Band Spotlight #14: Fracas

FRACAS -  Lille, La Chimère, le 5 avril 2009Fracas has been playing in the Oakland Bay Area for over ten years. Their sound is rooted in the hardcore punk of the early 1980’s (Fear, Cro-Mags, Misfits) with nods toward slightly more modern groups like the Jesus Lizard. They’ve done several US and European tours, put out 4 CDs, 3 – 7 inch singles, and appeared on a number of compilations. Their shows are often laced with danger and violence. All of the band members have broken bones, some have repeatedly broken the same ones.

Band members: Joe Franke – Vocals, Dan Tollbooth – Guitar, Jesse Rosales – Guitar, Ian Carpenter – Bass Guitar, Markley Hart – Drums


Fracas / 7 Crowns split 7″ Calendar of Death 2007

Hurt On The World CD Calendar of Death 2007

On Trial CD Calendar of Death 2003

Fracas / Eddie Haskells split 7″ Calendar of Death 2003

A new Host of Torment CD Calendar of Death 2001

Always Drunk and Incapable Of Love CD Calendar of Death 2000

Fracas self-titled  7″ Dead Sea Captain 1998

Hometown: Oakland, CA


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