Amoeba Music DJ Stage Line Up Announced!

History is being made at the Best of the East Bay Party ladies and gents. Never before has the entire Oakland Faders crew performed together under one roof.

This phenomenal, vinyl-based DJ collective has, both as a group and individually, won countless awards from the East Bay Express and other media. They have toured the nation and the world since getting their start in Oakland in the mid-1990’s.

They take record collecting very seriously and always prefer rockin’ doubles of the newest/hottest instrumental. Over the years, their skills have become top notch, and their cuts have become way funkier. Their expansive vinyl collection is a full-fledged music library and a tribute to a world before the digital age took over.

Oakland Faders_Text_White_BackgroundDJ Platurn

DJ Mere

DJ Joe Quixx

DJ Ammbush

DJ Enki

DJ Zeph

Hometown: Oakland, CA


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2 Responses to “Amoeba Music DJ Stage Line Up Announced!”

  1. Dee Wells (OSD) Says:

    I know y’all are going to tear it down and leave the people wanting more. Just let your sneakerhead homie and our listeners know when y’all decide to bring the greatness to the Eastcoast.

    Keep the heads ringin’ and Keep your laces tied tightly, your tongue loose & Walk GOOD!!

  2. young jan Says:

    im eager.

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