Vote for your favorite nonprofit!

7/18/09 – Hi everyone. We are closing the polls so the winner has time to prepare for the big event! We’d like to congratulate KALX who received the most votes with the prize being a free booth at the Best of the East Bay Party. Since KALX had already planned on having a booth there, they have generously donated their free booth to the next runner up, CAFF – Community Alliance with Family Farmers. Geez, now that’s the spirit!

We couldn’t be happier to have BOTH of them at our event. The Express has been a supporter of both of these nonprofit organizations and we encourage you all do so as well. KALX offers one of the last great music stations on the dial and CAFF is leading the charge on supporting healthy and sustainable local agriculture. This duo is nourishing the body and the soul. If you’re not familiar with them, visit their booths at the party!


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7 Responses to “Vote for your favorite nonprofit!”

  1. John Bailey Says:

    We cast our vote for Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) but we also want to give an honorable mentions to Cal Shakespeare Theatre and Buy Local Berkeley for all of the good work they do, just in case a second and third booth become available.

  2. Temra Costa Says:

    Thank you for all of the votes for CAFF! I too want to acknowledge the amazing work and contributions of the other non-profits on the list! Buy Fresh Buy Local!

  3. trish mulvey Says:

    CAFF will be a splendid choice for a party booth of interest to all

    my second choice is the oakland museum of california

  4. Rebecca Renfro Says:

    All worthy non-profits, for sure! But my vote goes to KALX! Support community radio!!!

  5. Ray Bruman Says:

    KALX FM is not only cool “If you don’t like what we’re playing, CRANK IT UP!”
    but supplies emergency information in the event of an earthquake
    or other disaster.

    In the KALX music library Debussy is shelved right next to Dead Kennedys.

    Woo hoo!

  6. Temra Costa Says:

    If we had a radio station, then we would win. Oh well. Go KALX!

  7. marjorie Says:



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