Band Spotlight #6: Swann Danger

Swann Danger began as a two piece in Spring 2002 with Andy taking on bass, drum machine + sampler duties and Cynthia on vocals and guitar. Both were members of the band Heart of Snow, which put out an EP on GSL and broke up by early 2002.

In 2003 Swann Danger released a self titled EP on their own Custody Night School label, which was later released on vinyl through Release the Bats records in Sweden. The band toured Europe in the summer of 2005 and played shows up and down the west coast as well as in New York City.

Their full length album “Deep North” was recorded down in eastern Los Angeles with Robert “Joey” Perales replacing the drum machine. The album was recorded by Pete Lyman (Infrasonic Sound) and Skot Brown (Kempton House) and released on Custody Night School in the upper half of 2007.

In April 2007, Jim Andersen (Needles, Year Future) joined the band on drums. The band toured Europe in the summer of 2007 behind the vinyl release of “Deep North” on Culde-Sac Komitee (Germany), as well as a west coast tour. In 2008, a second EP was released on CDr and latervinyl and more touring ensued.

New songs have been recorded and Swann Danger are looking at releasing another full length record as well as continuing to tour in the US and Europe.

“self titled II” EP/CDR (2008)
“Deep North” LP (2007)
“Deep North” CD (2007)
Swann Danger/
Holy Kiss split 7” (2006)
“self titled” EP (2005)
”self titled” CD (2003)

Band members:
Cynthia Mansourian
(Voice, guitar, percussion)
Andy Zevallos (Bass, samples)
Jim Andersen (Drums)

Hometown: Oakland, CA


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