Band Spotlight #9: C U Next Weekend

C U Next Week was formed by founding members Danelectric and HBK. Danelectric, the producer and musician and HBK the lyricist/vocals were seeking to form a band that was out of bounds. They were determined to create a new sound and style.

Growing up in Northern California, the duo work together at many music showcases. They both have a love of live Rock and Alternative music, so they decided to form a band. The members include HBK (vocals) Mr.1derful (vocals), Dan (lead) LaDante (drums), Clay (lead), Brett (bass) and Elliott (keyboard).

C U Next Weekend created a unique sound fused from Alternative, Rock, EMO and other musical genres. Based in Berkeley, California C U Next Weekend is known for party music as they bring fun and excitement to every show.

“CU Next Weekend” EP (2009)

Band members:
H.B.K. (Vocals), Mr. 1derful (Vocals), Dan Lawrence (Guitar),
Ladante Smith (Drums), Brett Zadlo (Bass), Clay Barnett (Guitar),
Elliott “ET” Peltzman (Keys)

Hometown: Berkeley, CA


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One Response to “Band Spotlight #9: C U Next Weekend”

  1. Elliott Peltzman Says:

    Thanks so much for featuring us! We are very excited for the show. See you all there!

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