Band Spotlight #5: Mystic Rage

There are two kinds of control. Control over others and control of yourself. Mystic Rage battles against the former to gain the latter. The members of Mystic Rage just want to be in charge of their own little piece of planet.

Mystic Rage’s music is strongly influenced by the harmonies of Alice In Chains, the songwriting of The Beatles, and the groove and heaviness of Pantera. Their latest release, “Revolution,” explores the battle for control against the government, naysayers, and interpersonal tragedies.

Inspired by the recent presidential election, “Revolution” says that both sides are wrong. “Anarchy could work for me.” It’s a step that might be necessary to realize what kind of messed-up system we have and to rebuild what we’ve destroyed. “On My Own Terms” focuses on those around the band that constantly suggest what they “should” be doing instead of supporting them. Mystic Rage doesn’t desire control over others, only over themselves. And the people that believe in their art are welcome to come along, too.

“Revolution” EP (2009)

Band members:
Pete Schaaphok (Drums)
John Martin (Bass/Lead Vocals)
Shawn Duttera (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals)
Mike DeGennaro (Rhythm Guitar)

Hometown: Oakland, CA


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