Band Spotlight #2 – Superfinos VTO

Superfinos VTO is a band born of pursuing music as life, changing the world and crafting tunes in the true nature of rock & roll. After a two year sabbatical from performing, member Kamal Hasan Hood (guits/vox) began playing demos to long time friend and coworker Paul Dean Price III (bass/vox).

Paul responded with demo music of his own and a bond immediately formed. Each artist wrote to the others music adding their own element, trading lead vocals and adding harmonies. The search for a drummer ended quickly when hard hitting Hasan Lengel (a long time friend and former band mate of Paul) joined the band as the first and only drummer of the group.

The group immediately began rehearsing the demo material and writing new tunes. The group’s ambition cannot be out shined. They focus on solid songwriting as a true path to success, strive for originality through authenticity, and seek to revive a freshness in rock music long ignored by both indie and pop genres. Fans and critics alike describe the music as original, artistic, passionate and playful–rock & roll as raw and kinky as it is heartfelt and complex.

Superfinos VTO’s music bleeds rock aesthetic while never sacrificing originality. In just over 2 years the band has amassed a solid fan base and played at premier venues in the Bay Area and SoCal. Although more than happy to rock a house party, Superfinos VTO is ready to take the world head on.

“Tinman’s Last Request” EP (2009)

Band Members:
Kamal Hasan Hood (Guitars / Vocals)
Paul Dean Price III (Bass / Vocals)
Hasan Lengel (Drums)

Hometown: Oakland, CA


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