Best of the East Bay 2010

June 22, 2010

On August 6, the East Bay Express celebrates its winners of the 2010 Best of the East Bay readers’ poll and editors’ picks all along the Jack London Square waterfront. Over 20,000 guests are expected to attend and salute the best ideas, products and services that are borne out of the East Bay region.

This year’s Best of the East Bay Party main stage (sponsored by Amoeba Music) will feature twelve rocking bands including: The Mighty Underdogs, Everything Must Go, Finish Ticket, Zydeco Flames, The Memphis Murder Men, Belle Monroe and her Brewglass Boys, Kit + the Branded Men, Bang Data, Birds and Batteries, Stone Foxes, Cheetahs on the Moon and Fans of Jimmy Century.

Make sure to spend some time lounging in the Blues Pavilion (sponsored by the Bay Area Blues Society), where the Express pays tribute to the venerable blues history of Russell City in Hayward and 7th Street in West Oakland with performances by some of the best blues musicians in the East Bay. Big Cat Tollfree, Zakiya Hooker Blues 4 U, and the Russell City Memorial Blues Band are just a few of the Blues greats gracing the stage.

The Chabot Space & Science Center’s Kids’ Party Zone (sponsored by BandWorks and Bay Area Girls Rock Camp) will feature local kid bands The Vat and Room 19. Performances are by members of the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp. The Kids’ Party Zone will also offer hands-on science projects and fun activities.

The event will be topped off with a Dance Battle (sponsored by Yak Films and The People), dance performances, extreme sports, live art demonstrations, indie designer villages, and local restaurant vendors. It’s sure to be the region’s best party of the year.

When: Friday, August 6, 2010

Where: Jack London Square waterfront

Time: 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Admission: Free

Attendance: All Ages

Getting there: BART (Lake Merritt or 12th Street stations), AC Transit, Alameda-Oakland Ferry, Broadway Shuttle, Amtrak.
Free bike valet parking provided by the East Bay Bike Coalition.

Fundraising: All proceeds from the bar will benefit the OneCalifornia Foundation

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Best of the East Bay 2010

January 2, 2010

The East Bay Express is in full swing planning the 2010 Best of the East Bay Party! We are moving the party this year to Jack London Square where we can rock out along the waterfront! The planning committee is deciding between Friday night and Saturday day… any thoughts? Save the dates: August 6 or August 7, 2010!!!

More Party Buzz…

August 12, 2009

“My hat is off, as are my glasses and all other accessories — that was the best party I’ve seen in Oakland since… hell, ever.”
– Kevin Seal, Executive Producer,

“SO inspiring to see something like this come off smoothly and to see everyone enjoying themselves so much.  The people watching was as-good-as-it-gets!  So much great music, art, food and creative stuff! East Bay R-U-L-E-S!!!!!!”
– Marc Weinstein, Owner, Amoeba Music

“…the East Bay Express, each year, stages this one event that brings the East Bay Music scene <of all genres< together for the best summer outdoor party that draws audiences from all backgrounds. It makes you proud that you are from this area and a part of this close-knit community!”
– Larry Trujillo, The Uptown Nightclub, Oakland

“The East Bay Express throws the best community parties I’ve ever seen.  Two years in a row, the Best of the East Bay party has blown me away, with thousands of people eating, drinking, dancing and observing crazy performances that can only be found in the Bay Area. It’s so much fun to see the diversity of the East Bay community represented in both the guests and the performers, and to see families, college students, adults, all celebrating together on a warm summer night in Oakland. It’s like a midwest county fair meets Coachella meets a burlesque show.”
– Erin Kilmer-Neel, Program Officer, OneCalifornia Foundation (this year’s nonprofit recipient)

Main Stage Band The Heavenly States Weigh in on the Party

August 12, 2009

“We had one of the best experiences ever playing the EBX Best of the Bay show and we’ve heard back from people in the audience that this was a great event.

We (the band) are just so pleased that an event of this caliber happened on our home turf.  As for the line-up, you really worked to represent the full range of Bay Area music, including its harder edge often overlooked in other Bay Area circles.

It felt like a coming out party for us as Oaklanders and Oakland music in general.  An overflowing crowd of all ages proved that Oakland needs and deserves this kind of celebration, outcry, voice, whatever.  We hope you’re able to continue the tradition. Events like this will give every other festival a run for their money — true hope for Oakland.  Finally!”

Genevieve Gagon
The Heavenly States

Photos and Video of the Live Graffiti Art at the Party

August 12, 2009

Montana Cans

Dick Blick Art, Montana Cans and East Bay Express hosted a great mix of Bay Area old school graffiti legends and up and coming talent!

Estria Miyashiro, Max Ehrman Eon 75, Jared Roses, and Mel Waters all came through and hit up giant 4-sided canvas “cubes” with their own unique styles.

At the Montana Gold table, party people could stop by and drop their name in our Montana “guestbooks” using Montana Hardcore markers and Sharpies.

Click here to view the photos!

Amoeba Music’s BillyJam Reviews the Party

August 12, 2009

We think he most eloquently sums up the night by saying:

“As Goapele sang and poured her heart and soul into her music, and the crowd no doubt ruminated on how wonderful it was to have such a positive event happening in Oakland — a city so long mired in a negative light — I glanced out at the sea of happy faces of all races, ages, and orientations enraptured by the Oakland born-and-bred artist and I thought, Damn, it’s so good to be here in Oakland, California and to be a part of this memorable event! Only twelve months until Best of the East Bay 2010!”

Read his full article, view video and photos here.

East Bay Express’s Slideshow of the Party

August 12, 2009

Set to music by some of the Main Stage bands!

Stay tuned to this blog; there is more coming!

Express Photographer’s Favorite Shots from the Party

August 11, 2009

Click here to see Stephen Loewinsohn’s photos from the party. Stay tuned, more will be posted to this blog soon, including videos shot of the main stage by and

Dizzy Balloon video taken by “robbiesaurus”

August 11, 2009

Photos taken by Sven Norby

August 10, 2009

Goapele @ Best of the Bay09Souls of Mischief at Best of the Bay Awards09Best of the Bay Awards09Best of the East BaySouls of Mischief at Best of the Bay Awards09